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Taxation in Andorra 
- Key figures:

Is the maximum tax rate on companies and revenues, providing significant economic relief.
Dividend taxThis allows companies and individuals to keep their hard-earned dividends.
A social burden relatively low for companies, making Andorra one of the most advantageous countries in the world.
Is the unemployment rate in Andorraone of the lowest figures among EU countries, with a low rate of economic volatility
Is the ownership of shares and shareholdings in companies based in Andorra
Inheritance tax and wealth tax (I.F.I) in Andorra, which offers private individuals and professionals additional economic relief

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You do not need to be resident in Andorra. to set up a business in this country. It is possible to set up a business in Andorra without being domiciled there..

Once all the required documents have been gathered, our business center starts the procedures with the government of the Principality of Andorra. Our staff are bilingual to ensure efficient communication with the authorities and to follow all administrative formalities which are in Catalan.

Analysis of your file takes between 4 and 8 weeks. Once approved by the Andorran authorities, we can help you withopening a local bank account to deposit your capital. Then you go to a notary accompanied by one of our staff to finalize the setting up your company.

Visit your company's creation is finalized when the Andorran government issues the company registerwhich is the equivalent of the Kbis in France. In all, it takes an average of 2 months to open a company.

There is a type of legal entity known as a patrimonial company which is similar to a Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) in France. Its purpose is to own and manage real estate properties. Foreign investment has been increasingly encouraged by the Andorran authorities in recent years. The Principality of Andorra offers numerous attractive opportunities in terms of profitability for investors.

Setting up an asset management company at Principality of Andorra can offer many opportunities for investors, such as

  1. Real estate investment : A société patrimoniale is ideal for owning and managing real estate properties. Investors can use this structure to buy, manage and rent out rental properties or second homes.

  2. Tax advantages : Andorra offers a favorable tax environment for property companies, including a corporate income tax exemption for property companies that own real estate.

  3. Asset protection : A patrimonial company protects the owners' assets by separating them from commercial risks. In the event of legal action or commercial debts, the assets of the patrimonial company are generally not involved.

  4. Ease of management : Setting up an asset management company enables you to centralize the management of several real estate properties in a single legal structure, making it easier to manage finances and rental property.

  5. Transferability : Property companies can be used to pass on real estate assets across generations.

It is important to note that setting up an asset management company at Principality of Andorra requires specific knowledge in terms of residence and taxationThis is why it is advisable to call on a specialist company such as RLG ANDCAPITAL to guide investors through the various stages of setting up their asset management company in compliance with current standards.

A holding company in Andorra is a company whose main purpose is to hold shares or shares in companies or subsidiaries. These companies are often used for tax and wealth management purposes, with advantages such as:

  1. Exemption from corporate income tax : Holding companies in Andorra are generally exempt from corporate income tax, which can be a tax advantage for the company's shareholders.

  2. Multi-company ownership : Holding companies can consolidate the ownership of a large number of companies into one, making it easier to manage and consolidate finances.

  3. Heritage protection : Holding companies can be used to protect shareholders' assets by separating them from the commercial and legal risks associated with the companies they own.

  4. Wealth transfer : Holding companies can be used to transfer assets across generations.

Using a legal structure such as a holding in Andorra, you can transfer the dividends accumulated by your French companies to this holding company. This will allow you to benefit froma lower tax rate of 5% in France, compared with 30% (flat tax) on dividend income. Moreover, in Andorra, dividends are not subject to tax, which allows you to maximize your profitability andoptimize your income legally.

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Get easy access to Andorra's banking system with us. We simplify the opening of your account, saving you time and administrative complications.


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We guide you through the process of buying, importing and registering vehicles in Andorra. Benefit from tax and insurance advantages at lower cost


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