RLG AND CAPITAL: Expatriation in Andorra

Expatriation in Andorra

Nore turnkey support for setting up in Andorra

Our firm will support you in your project by securing your business and facilitating your real estate, family and administrative procedures. We can help you register with the local authorities, get your driver's license approved, register your vehicle and obtain tax residency.





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Moving to Andorra, becoming an Andorran resident

Expatriate in Andorra with our firm to take a step forward with peace of mind. Our team will accompany you through this complex and exciting process.

Andorra offers many attractive advantages: tax exemption, low unemployment, quality education, varied landscapes and leisure activities for everyone.

Expatriation in Andorra: Everything you need to know before moving to Andorra

Andorra seduces with its exceptional living environmenthis quality of life and its advantages such as tax incentivesthe modern infrastructures and access to nature and leisure.

With 300 days of sunshine a yearthis destination is sunny and dynamics. The moderate cost of living makes for a comfortable lifestyle.

Andorra is suitable for a variety of profiles:

  • Top-level athletes, Artists, Youtubers, Cryptocurrency investors, Retirees, Company managers

Little tax on dividends

In Andorra, corporation tax ranges from 2 % to 10 % on profits from all types of activity.

Not subject to I.F.I.

Andorra is renowned for its favorable tax environment, with no real estate wealth tax.

Reduced VAT rate - 4.5%

Andorran companies benefit from a VAT rate of 4.5%.

Low income tax

Andorra is known for its low taxes, offering long-term residency to foreign investors.

Bank secrecy

Andorra's banking secrecy laws are among the strictest in the world, offering added security for investors.

Company vehicles

Andorran companies can benefit from tax advantages for company cars.

Let our firm guide you to success in Andorra!

For smooth administrative procedures in AndorraA competent partner who speaks Catalan, the official language, is essential. Formalities can be complex without knowledge of the local language and customs.

We guarantee flawless administrative experience for your business operations in Andorra. Our services ensure professional and efficient handling of your formalities:

Becoming a resident in Andorra : choosing the right status

The passive house

If you want to become a resident in Andorra with no local professional activity, the passive house is a suitable option for international investors, retired or persons living off their heritage. To be eligible, certain criteria must be met. See our page dedicated to passive residences to find out more.

Active living in Andorra is for those who want to work or live there. setting up a company. Eligibility criteria must be met. For more information, visit our page dedicated to active residence.

The status of international projection includes world-renowned individuals such as the artists, athletes, scientists and content creators. Similar to the passive houseIt differs in terms of investments. For more information on the criteria and conditions, see our page dedicated to the international projection.

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Moving to Andorra offers a new chapter for expatriates. In addition to tax benefits such as the avoidance of double taxation, Andorra offers quality educational facilitiesa excellent health system, a safe environment and benefits for company vehiclessuch as exemption from carbon tax and VAT.


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