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Setting up a company in Andorra
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Our firm is committed to providing you with a service impeccable and a customized support. Our team ofexperts guides you efficiently through the administrative procedures involved in setting up your business in Andorra.





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It's easy to set up your business in Andorra

Since the simplification of procedures in 2012We make it easier to start up a business and settle in the country.

Trust our team to guide you in setting up your company in Andorra. With a thorough understanding of the local context, they can provide you with reliable information and help you make informed decisions about the rules, regulations and tax implications. Enjoy peace of mind when you entrust your entrepreneurial project to us.

Little tax on dividends

In Andorra, corporation tax ranges from 2 % to 10 % on profits from all types of activity.

Not subject to I.F.I.

Andorra is renowned for its favorable tax environment, with no real estate wealth tax.

Reduced VAT rate - 4.5%

Andorran companies benefit from a VAT rate of 4.5%.

Low income tax

Andorra is known for its low taxes, offering long-term residency to foreign investors.

Bank secrecy

Andorra's banking secrecy laws are among the strictest in the world, offering added security for investors.

Company vehicles

Andorran companies can benefit from tax advantages for company cars.

6800€ All inclusive

Our accounting firm's rates include an all-inclusive, transparent package.

Our services:

  • Drafting the corporate purpose and company name reserve.
  • Drafting the foreign investment application.
  • Drafting of articles of association and business advice.
  • Application to open a bank account (we will introduce you to several establishments).
  • Contact our accounting team.
  • Preparing the file with the notary's office - A member of the company will accompany you every step of the way.
  • Registration of your company with the tax authorities (NRT tax number).
  • Preparation of a trade name reserve application.
  • Contact an approved professional to draw up an electrical bulletin and fire extinguisher contract (mandatory).
  • Issue of all legal originals.
  • Preparation of immigration file for residence(s) (family reunification), accompaniment for medical examination.
  • We put you in touch with people who are looking to buy or rent an apartment.
  • Put you in touch with our partners to buy or lease a company vehicle.
  • We register you at the Mairie of your choice, and take all the necessary steps to obtain your resident's card.
  • Registration for children's schooling. We can help you with all your Catalan language needs.
  • Obtaining a CASS (health) card and contacting the referring GP.
  • Certification of your driving license.
  • Help in finding a property to buy or rent.

Setting up a company in Andorra: which status to choose?

Select the appropriate legal structure for your business in Andorra may seem complex, but local legislation offers various options to simplify the process. Here are some key structures :

SLU (Société Limitée Unipersonnelle) minimum initial share capital of €3,000.
SL (Limited Company) minimum share capital of €3,000.
SA (Société Anonyme) minimum share capital of €60,000.
Société Patrimoniale This new concept optimizes the management of your assets and facilitates the transfer of your estate with minimal risk.

Choosing the right structure is crucial. Our tax experts will help you choose the best solution, maximizing the financial benefits and simplifying the day-to-day management of your business. Contact our team for personalized support during this crucial stage of business creation.

Starting a business 
in Andorra the 5-step procedure

1. Choice of legal structure

Choose the structure best suited to your project from the options available (SLU, SL, SA, Société Patrimoniale, etc.). Consult the experts to ensure you make the best choice for your business.

2. Drawing up bylaws

Draw up your company's articles of association in compliance with Andorran legislation. They define the company's operating rules, shareholding and governance.

3. Registration in the Commercial Register

Register your company with the Registre du Commerce d'Andorre to give it legal existence. Send us your documents, such as articles of association, management information and share capital, so that we can register your company with the Andorran Trade Registry and give it legal existence.

4. Opening a business bank account

We'll set up a dedicated bank account for your business, so you can manage financial transactions efficiently and keep personal and business finances separate.

5. Obtaining licenses and authorizations

Depending on the nature of your business, we can help you obtain the necessary licenses and authorizations from the relevant authorities to operate legally.

Company formation 
discover our services

An offshore company is a company based in a country other than that in which its owner resides or is established. This type of company is often used for tax or legal reasons.

A holding company is an entity designed to manage financial assets such as securities, bonds and real estate. It centralizes dividends from international investments, promoting efficient management and tax optimization.

The patrimonial companysimilar to a French SCI, offers additional advantages. Used to manage a variety of assets, it protects wealth and optimizes income. In Andorra, it offers more attractive conditions, particularly for tax optimization.


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