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tax residence in andorra

Types of residences, conditions and benefits

Our commitment at your sideoffering tailor-made solutions for tax optimisation. tax optimization. Our experts will guide you step by step through the process, providing with information on best strategies to establish your tax residence in Andorra.





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Reduce your tax bill and live in France Andorra. Our team of experts will guide you through the
the process, studying Andorran legal options and ensuring meet the criteria
to obtain tax residency
. We simplify your transition to benefit from the advantages of the country.

Becoming a tax resident in Andorra

The appeal of Andorran tax residency attracts entrepreneurs wishing to from settle in or to extend their business. Accessible via active residence, passive or internationalit offers a living environmenta education system and a quality social protectionwhile optimizing tax efficiency.

The advantages of living in Andorra

Avoiding double taxation through treaties

Inheritance tax exemption

Wealth tax allowance (IFI)

Pay less income tax

Secure and private banking information

Company vehicles exempt from TVTS and carbon tax

Registration of all types of vehicles

Andorran driver's license without points

Lowest unemployment rate in the EU

Possibility of opening a business bank account

Property investment in Andorra without limits

Possibility of family reunification

The biggest ski resorts in the Pyrenees

Easy communication thanks to 4 spoken languages (Catalan, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Very low crime rate

Social Security ranked first with a score of 95

Andorra, with its unique landscapes and culture, is an unmissable destination.

Visit Principality of Andorra is located north of the Iberian Peninsula and is an ideal place to live thanks to its Mediterranean climate mountain characterized by minimal rainfall and plenty of sunshine. Visit Catalan is the official language, but many inhabitants are multilingual and speak French, Spanish and Portuguese. With a low crime rate, high GDP and a first-class standard of livingAndorra is a safe place to live.

Company cars and a driver's license

As a resident in Andorrathere are certain advantages to own a car. Professional cars are exempt from TVTSof carbon tax and malus tax on polluting vehicles. Obtaining a certificate of registration (vehicle registration document) is relatively inexpensivebetween 50 and 100 euros depending on car size. And more, there is no points system on driving licenses in Andorra.

Retirement in Andorra

Opter for the retirement in Andorra offers advantages such as tax breaks, a high-performance healthcare system and affordable private insurance. By becoming tax residentyou benefit from tax exemptions on CSG, CRDS and CASA. Andorra also looks after your well-being in terms of medical services and private insurance costs.

Andorra: the best social security in the world

By establishing your tax residence in Andorrabenefit from a first-class social securityranked first among 185 countrieseven surpassing France. The monthly contribution is independent of your income, is approximately €200which also covers children as part of the parental contribution.

Real estate investment opportunities abound in the Principality

Our firm offers youinvestment in all parishes in the Principality of Andorra. By becoming tax resident in Andorra, you can benefit from tax advantages for your real estate investments.

What's more, tax residents can benefit from tax exemption on inheritance tax, which helps them to prepare their estate and protect their heirs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information or to tell us about your project.

Other advantages of living in Andorra

Expatriates moving to Andorra benefit fromquality of life thanks to the advantages offered by the Principality. Education, health and safety make Andorra an ideal place to avoid double taxation. Living in Andorra also means enjoying the advantages of everyday life in this Principality.


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